Visitors insurance

Who needs Visitors coverage?

Visitors  insurance or Visitors to Canada Emergency health insurance plan is provided by many trusted insurers in Canada to protect non-resident Canadians, new immigrants and returning Canadians waiting for their OHIP coverage to start, business or travelers on a leisure trip or visiting friends or relatives, skilled foreign workers, international students and super visa holders by providing emergency medical health care in case of sudden illness or injury in Canada.

Visitors Insurance

Visitors To Canada Insurance

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What does visitors insurance to Canada covers?

Medical care is free for all Canadians in their respective provinces. Hence, most of us never see a bill related to the health services covered by OHIP. But most travelers or residents may not be aware of medical care expenses in Canada could reach well up to a few thousand dollars per day.

Visitors to Canada Emergency medical insurance covers costs incurred due to hospital/medical emergency care and doctors’ services, emergency dental, emergency transportation or ambulance costs, funeral costs in case of death or repatriation of remains, expenses incurred if need to return home in case of emergency. It also covers out of pocket expenses like meals and accommodations and non-flight accidental death and dismemberment.

In addition, there is coverage for Pre-existing conditions as well. These chronic conditions have to be stable for a certain number of days at the time of purchase or immediately prior to departure (depending on the company).

When should I purchase visitors insurance coverage?

Even though the coverage can be purchased before or after your arrival in Canada, it is recommended to purchase this insurance before leaving your country of origin. This makes sure that the coverage becomes effective without any waiting period.

There is a waiting period of 24 hours to 7 days for some companies if the insurance is purchased after landing in Canada for emergencies due to sickness. Some companies also restrict the injury coverage to start after 24 hours, if purchased after arrival in Canada.

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