Travel Insurance for Canadians

Why do I need travel insurance?

Life is unpredictable! Accidents happen, emergencies occur. Life can change at a flip second. Never dream of heading out on vacation without Travel Insurance. It will help you save the aggravation and hard-earned savings should any emergency occurs.

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Travel insurance for Canadians

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At we understand that preparing for the possibility of illness, accident, or unforeseen travel hiccups is never as much fun as preparing for your holiday. That’s why our reps are trained to provide you with quick, easy, and affordable options. 

Travel within Canada (Out of Province)Travel outside of Canada

If you travel out of Ontario but within Canada, Ministry of health recommends travel insurance for citizens and permanent residents eligible under Ontario health insurance plan (OHIP). OHIP only covers hospital and physician services at the same rate as Ontario physicians. There is no coverage for non-physician/non-hospital services like an ambulance. You may also have to pay a large amount in full at the time of treatment and later file a claim on your return home. 

Out of province travel insurance plans, however, are typically very economical. You can include trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage as an option similar to the Travel Insurance plan for worldwide travelers.

For more information, please visit Ontario government's website.

When your travels take you overseas or even the US, make sure Emergency Medical Insurance is in place prior to departure. Coverage may be provided for unforeseen emergency expenses that include injury, illness, hospitalization, emergency dental treatment, and even out-of-pocket accommodation costs and meals should your travel companion be hospitalized.

Medical expenses incurred outside of Canada can run into thousands of dollars per day and cause undue stress during an already difficult time. For just a few dollars a day, you can be fully covered by a policy that our reps will find which meets your specific needs and budget.

There are so many types of travel insurance, which one is the best for my trip?

Your trip could be a business trip where you have to go away from your home province or cross the border multiple times in a year. It could be a pleasure trip to your favourite destination or an adventure or you may have certain health concerns which need special attention. 

Whether you are going out of province or out of the country, you can select one of the following Emergency medical insurance options:

If you only travel occasionally in a year, this is the best plan for you. It covers both sickness or an unexpected accident and provides emergency health protection coverage should you need an ambulance or hospitalization.

You can add Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and other optional overages to it as well.

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If you travel frequently each year, this plan is the best for you as you can save a lot of money. Truck drivers, business people or frequent cross-border shoppers fits well in this category. The coverage provided is similar to Single Trip Plan.

e.g. A 5-day multi-trip policy covers any number of trips but each covered trip is 5 days maximum. 

You can top up your coverage when your insurance policy coverage ends but your trip is longer. You can always add Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption and other optional overages to it as well.

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Non Medical Insurance Plans

Life can also throw us a curve ball and require us to change or cancel travel plans before departure. It could be caused by an unexpected event (e.g. natural disaster, death, sickness, hospitalization, injury of the insured, the traveling companion or an immediate family member)

Coverage provides reimbursement of a non-refundable prepaid portion of airfare and/or other prepaid travel arrangements.

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Things may go beyond our control at any time. Trip interruption provides coverage if you have to cancel your trip in between, after departure, and go back to Ontario.

An unscheduled delay caused by a common carrier or an accident on your way to the airport, poor weather, heavy traffic, and even low passenger capacity can cause a flight to be delayed or cancelled and disaster may spell when connections are required at the other end.

Example of few covered reasons:

  • Cutting your trip short due to hospitalization of a family member who is not travelling with you
  • Unexpected sickness, injury, death of a companion who is travelling with you
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Have you ever reached your destination but your luggage didn’t?

Compensation is ensured if you lose tour belongings, or are damaged, or stolen while in transit, or in a hotel. It also provides coverage for important lost or stolen travel documents such as:

  • a passport,
  • birth certificate,
  • travel visa, or
  • driver’s license

while you are away from home.

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Sports package coverage options:

  • Scuba Diving or Free Diving over 30m
  • Base Jumping
  • Bull Riding/Bull Fighting
  • Rodeo
  • Running with the Bulls
  • Motorized Speed Contests
  • Motorized X Game Sports (or those sports in similar type events)
  • Mountaineering over 6,000m
  • Ultimate Fighting & Mixed Martial Arts
  • Wingsuit Jumping/Wingsuit Flying
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All Inclusive Travel insurance packages

Medical and Non-medical Bundle

It makes financial sense for you to choose an All Inclusive package rather than purchase each coverage option individually. Insurers bundles together the most popular insurance options at a discounted price.

It includes 2 or more of the following :

  • Emergency medical insurance
  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Baggage delay
  • Non-medical package of above 3 options
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
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Our reps can help you find the package that’s right for you and your budget.

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