Student Insurance for International & Canadian Students 

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Student Insurance

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Eligibility and Plan Benefits:

Eligibility Requirements:

You are not eligible to purchase this policy if:

–  you have a medical condition for which a physician has advised you not to travel.
–  you are under 14 days old or over 85 years old.
– you are eligible for provincial health benefits.
– you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.
– you reside in a nursing home or require assistance with daily normal activities.
– if in the 12 months before the effective date you have been diagnosed or received treatment for lung condition requiring the use of oxygen or a kidney condition requiring dialysis.
– You have been diagnosed with or received treatment for: Congestive heart failure, AIDS or HIV, Alzheimer’s or any dementia, pancreatic or liver cancer, any kind of metastatic cancer, condition requiring a bone marrow or organ transplant.

Plan Highlights:

  •  Provides 2 plans for visitors- Premier and Essential
  •  Choose insurance amount of choice
  •  Choose deductible
  •  Pre-existing medical conditions covered under essential plan.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be Eligible:

a) be 15 days of age or over and 65 years old or less;
b) be a student or dependent of the covered student;
c) not be eligible for a provincial or territorial government health insurance plan in Canada; and
d) know of no reason to seek medical attention at the time of purchase.

Note: Each student and dependent must apply individually and will be covered under separate policies provided the appropriate premiums have been paid.

Plan Highlights:

  •  Annual medical examination and eye examination benefits available
  •  $2,000,000 CAD per insured person per 365 consecutive days
  •  No deductible
  •  A pre-existing medical condition exclusion applies.

Other options available from companies like GMS, Manulife Insurance, TUGO, Allianz, Destination Travel Inc. We will not only compare the rates for you but also will provide the best possible coverage.

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Benefits Of International Students Insurance
Daily Rate $1.45
Yearly Rate $495
Minimum Policy Premium $40.00
Maximum Sum Insured $2,000,000
Physician and Hospital Fees Included
Ambulance Ground: $10,000, Taxi: $100, Air: $250,000
Prescription Drugs Up to 30-day supply
Other Professional Services Not included
Maternity $5,000 (for emergency expenses only)
1 General Checkup - Applicable to annual plans Not included
1 Eye Exam - Applicable to annual plans Not included
Pre-Existing Medical Condition Coverage Subject to stability period of 90 days prior to effective date