Life Insurance

get-free-quoteLife insurance is a tool to protect you and your loved ones.

Life’s situations keep changing, so does the risk associated with it. Life as an ongoing concept throws challenges at every nook and corner. A person has to learn to deal with them efficiently. 

Life essentially passes through several prominent biological stages from birth, growing up, becoming old and feeble and ultimately and inevitably leading to death.

Although certain challenges or risks cannot be avoided, we can shelter against them through proper planning to protect ourselves emotionally and financially.

Furthermore, Life Insurance can be a great tool to lead you out of any financial hardships and thus protects you and your loved ones.

What this protection may mean to you?

There are potentially three types of risks against which people need protection; namely – disability, old age and death.

  • Disability: Disability can hit anyone at any point of time in life whether it is from an accident or illness. As a result, no amount of foresight or preventive measures can ward it off fully. The chance of getting disabled increases due to age and impounds the potential of earning a living.
  • Old age: Life has a beginning and an inevitable ending that usually passes through the old age. What if you stay alive through the late nineties and run out of cash?
  • Death: This is the end of life cycle, however, this risk can not be covered. Does your family have enough wealth to support themselves and maintain their current standard of living?  
Life Insurance Types

Types of Life Insurance

Hence, you must be able to plan and manage any risk or fears associated with it.

Why do you need Life coverage?

The answer to this question depends on individual needs and is therefore unique to each individual.

Indeed, we help you determine the type and value of protection you require through needs analysis. Although there are many uses of insurance like Family income, tax advantage growth, legacy for your loved ones, creditor protection, estate planning, wealth building, we can help you choose what is best for you.

Essentially, whether it is term or permanent insurance, coverage for life effectively helps you stay equipped to manage above risks by transferring the consequences to an insurance company in exchange of premiums.
Which type of insurance product to choose from?

Life insurance is generally of two types

  • Temporary protection of your current needs, for example, Term 10 and Term 20 Insurance products)
  • Long term future planning (Universal Life, Whole life)

In addition to the other benefits, Mortgage Insurance protection can protect mortgage or a Line of credit or a loan.


How much will you pay for Life Insurance?

The most prominent factors influencing life insurance premiums are:
a)      Age
b)      Gender
c)      Health status
d)      Family history
e)      Current and past habits ( smokers get rated premium)
f)      Type and length of coverage ( Term 10 or Term 20 or Whole life), through its insurance associates, offers unmatched services backed by years of professional experience and expertise. We deal with many insurance companies to serve you better and to pick one of the best product for you.  

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