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Yes, you can. Super Visa insurance is mandatory for family members applying to visit Canada for an extended period of time and anyone can purchase a Visitors Insurance policy on their behalf. It should be noted that those who sponsor visitors are responsible for their medical bills, so purchasing the insurance on their behalf if they are unable, is a wise decision"

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Proof of Super Visa insurance is required at the time of application and the Canadian government requires applicants to show proof at the port of entry of purchase from a private Canadian health insurance company.
Similarly, if your parents or grandparents are already in Canada on a Visitor Visa and you have decided to apply for a Super Visa, you will need to include proof of appropriate insurance at the time of application."

A requirement of Immigration and Citizenship Canada is that visitors must have valid Canadian insurance. Canadian insurance companies are governed by stringent regulations and as a result, this ensures:
o Faster processing of claims.
o Seamless billing between hospitals/health care providers and the insurance company.
o Adherence to Canadian financial regulations.
Additionally, Canadian insurance companies are re-insured by a Canadian Government agency that covers up to $60,000 in medical expenses should the initial insurer become insolvent.
Yes, it is refundable if the visa is not issued or declined. The insurance policy does not go into effect until the departure date. In this instance, a letter of denial from Immigration Canada is required as proof in order to get the refund.

You can find the refund forms on visitors insurance page.

Yes, it is, providing no claims have been made against the premium. If no claims have been made, a proportional amount may be eligible for a refund upon proof of the change in travel dates.
For policies where premiums are purchased on a monthly basis, a refund is not applicable however the proof is required to ensure the policy is cancelled and monthly charges do not continue to be incurred.
Yes, however for insurance purchased after arrival in Canada, insurers will typically have a waiting period of between 48 hours and eight days. Insurers will not provide coverage if the emergency takes place within their specified waiting period.
Yes, it will, however insurance providers have established timelines related to coverage outside of Canada. The majority of your coverage period must be spent within Canada. Our Netquoter.ca rep can discuss the options available to you.
Yes, as long as your visit remains in Canada most policies can be extended for up to one year provided you are still in good health and do not have any prior or pending claims. Just call your Netquoter.ca rep and we will be happy to help you out.
Canadian regulations do not permit brokers and insurance companies to charge different rates. The value-added component to working through a broker such as Netquoter.ca is personalized service. Working on your behalf, we provide you with a comprehensive range of policy options and prices from Canada’s top insurance companies. We help you understand the coverage available to you, provide guidance during the selection process, and are there to help you with date changes, extensions, refunds, and claims.
Visitors to Canada insurance covers medical expenses and other related expense benefits related to accidental injury and sudden 'unforeseeable' illness of the insured individual.
The minimum purchase for Super Visa application purposes is $100,000 CDN. For Visitors Insurance it is at the discretion of the individual making the purchase. With hospital stays that can cost up to $3,000 CDN per day, ambulance fees, and incidentals,$50,000 CDN may be sufficient.
Netquoter.ca offers rates and programs for visitors seeking more coverage and our reps will be happy to speak with you directly.
Travel insurance has exclusions, conditions, and limitations; therefore it is important that the policy is read in detail. Typically policies do not cover discretionary medical expenses that are not deemed urgent in nature such as a routine checkup, cosmetic surgery, vaccinations, and medications. Additionally, accidents or illness resulting from the abuse of drugs and alcohol would not be covered under your policy.
A pre-existing condition is defined as any sickness, injury or medical condition for which the insured consulted a physician, has symptoms, has been hospitalized or was prescribed medications within a set period of time prior to the coverage going into effect. Policies can be purchased to cover pre-existing conditions if they are deemed “stable”. The definition of “stable pre-existing condition varies with each company. A Netquoter.ca rep will be happy to review options with you.

Travel insurance protects you for not only medical emergencies but also delays, theft, and those last-minute travel changes that happen to the best of us. It may also cover items that regular insurance does not, such as incidental hospital expenses, out-of-pocket costs related to accommodation and meals should your travel companion be hospitalized. Some plans will also protect you should a family emergency occur that causes you to return home unexpectedly. The rising cost of hospital stays and emergency room treatment can wipe your vacation funds out in an afternoon or deplete your savings entirely if hospitalization is required. Why take that risk?

While most provinces have agreements in place to help Canadians outside their home province, it may not cover all expenses and may require you to pay in full at time of treatment then file a claim on your return home. Travel insurance covers services such as:
o payment of eligible medical expenses at the time of treatment so you aren’t out of pocket
o paramedical services such as chiropractor, osteopath, or physiotherapist that are deemed urgent
o emergency dental treatment
o emergency evacuation costs that include local and air ambulance as well as the costs to return you to your home province
The upside is that out of province plans are typically much less expensive than out of country plans and they can include trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage.
No, you don’t, however, there will be health-related questions on your online application that must be answered truthfully or you run the risk of your policy is voided or coverage declined.When you submit a claim, the insurer will investigate to determine if your condition was pre-existing or if there were any discrepancies in your application.
Please note however that a complete medical assessment is required for a Super Visa application.
When you and our Netquoter.ca rep have decided on the best policy for you, we transfer your data through to the insurance provider. You will then receive a print-friendly copy of your 'confirmation of coverage' document that summarizes your policy. We will email you your policy details and you will also receive a wallet card on which you can record your policy number and your insurance company's contact information in case of emergency.
Yes, you can. There are no restrictions regarding where you seek medical service in Canada as long as the amount charged by the provider is considered Usual, Customary and Reasonable for a particular service or treatment.
Notify your insurance company as soon as possible of any emergency medical treatment or hospitalization. Failure to do so may compromise your insurance benefit.Insurance companies typically have emergency assistance 24/7 that will be happy to help talk you through the process including hospital coverage, arranging emergency medical transportation, coordinating payments, and even contacting your family doctor and relatives as needed.
Lot of times the clients ask this question about the premium refund. In fact, this is the most widely asked question. All the companies we deal with refund the premiums, in case your parents or grandparents do not get a visa or their visa is denied. Many times the visa is issued but the visitors do not want to come or they want to wait until the following year. In this case, the insurance companies may hold your money until the visitors come to visit Canada. One solution is to buy a monthly installment payment plan which allows retaining a policy without paying the lump sum premium. Some companies allow the refund for a minimal fee as well. Regardless of the product you buy, always make sure to read your insurance policy. This will save you lot of hassles. We can help you by answering all your questions.

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