Critical Illness Insurance

Crticial Illness Insurance's Comprehensive Coverage: For What You Value Most And When You Need It Most.

  • You may be healthy today but tomorrow might not be the same for you.
  • Critical Illness Insurance is a great protection tool which helps you financially when you need the most if you suddenly suffer due to illness and income loss also.
  • You may use these funds as per your own choice like: Best medical treatment, changes in your home, maintaining the family lifestyle etc.
  • Critical Illness Insurance plan in Canada is a policy that guarantees a lump-sum payment in an event of catastrophic illness specified in the contract.

Choice. Flexibility. Protection. With NetQuoter.

The conditions covered by the critical insurance coverage are:

  • Heart attack, heart valve replacement, cancer, loss of limbs,
  • Bypass surgery, stroke, loss of speech, major organ transplantation,
  • Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, paralysis,
  • Severe burns, benign brain tumor coronary angioplasty,
  • Blindness, deafness, coma, early stage of prostate cancer,
  • Ductal carcinoma in breast and others.
Heart attack heart valve replacement Ductal carcinoma in breast loss of limbs
Bypass surgery stroke loss of speech major organ transplantation
Parkinson's disease multiple sclerosis kidney failure paralysis
Severe burns benign brain tumor coronary angioplasty Blindness
deafness coma early stage of prostate cancer cancer

With so many advancements in the medical science, the chances of survival and recovery from any critical illness like cancer, stroke or heart attacks have improved considerably.

If you probably assume that your health insurance coverage will protect you should you become sick or suffer a life threatening illness, it’s important to understand that health insurance and critical illness insurance are not one and the same.

Noteworthy Statistics:

  • Nine in 10 Canadians (90%) have reported having at least one risk factor for heart disease or stroke (smoking, alcohol, physical inactivity, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and diabetes) according to Stats Canada.
  • And of the 50,000 Canadians who suffer a stroke each year, 75% will be left with a disability; insurance can help ease the financial burden and ensure your quality of life remains intact.

How does NetQuoter help cover Critical Illness?

As an independent agency, we can help you find the perfect combination of coverage and price. It typically provides a lump-sum benefit to help support you financially when diagnosed with and survive a covered critical illness.

The lump sum payment received can be used to:

  • Supplement your health insurance plan
  • Reduce your financial stress by paying off debt
  • Hire support help, home or auto modifications
  • Or cover the cost of your spouse taking a leave of absence to help you in recovery.

Our Reps in Canada (Brampton or Mississauga ) are available to discuss coverage options with you and to provide you with a full list of what critical illnesses are included.

We deal with almost all major insurance companies to find the best rates and proper coverage for you.